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Domestic major industrial sites ( Flame detector : UV/IR and IR3 )

Category Site
Gas Facilities Pyeong Taick LNG storage and more
Nuclear power generation Han-ul nuclear generator plant
Thermal Power Station Youngheung, Dangjin and other thermal power plant
Iron and Steel Facilities POSCO and most of major Iron and Steel Facilities
Shipyards Hyundai heavy industries and the most of major shipyards
Automobile Manufacturing Facilities Major automakers and venders, including Hyundai-Kia and GM Daewoo
Semi-conductor Facilities Samsung, LG, SK and so on
Refineries GS-Caltex, Samsung TOTAL and other major refineries
Major Chemical facility Samsung TOTAL, KCC and other major Chemical facilities
Airport All major airport including Incheon international airport
Etcetera Commerical areas including One-mount mall, Hae-beach Hotel and more