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Cabinet Type Fire Extinguishing Systems


RS-AES-07S is a Cabinet-Type Auto Fire Extinguisher which can promptly extinguish a fire on an early stage.

Installed in a wide variety of industries such as semiconductors and LCD manufacturing plant.

Consists of a control panel, extinguishing valve, cylinder, solenoid valve and outlet.

Compatible with various fire detectors such as flame, smoke, and heat detector .

• CO2 fire extinguisher 
• No damage to equipment and residue  
• Selectable circuit AND / OR 
• Selectable operation Auto / Manual
• Controller recovery system
• Self-Diagnosis 
• Functions Alarm / Siren / Stop 
• Detect a fire extinguishing agent weight and alarm 
• Set a spare power to prevent the main power  blackout
• Selectable emitting delay time (per 1 second)
• Check and set temperature in real-time

 Dimensions (W x D x H)[mm]Control
 270 x 280 x 760
 Coating Red powder coating
AND mode
Recognized by fire during the simultaneous operation of the sensor 2 circuit
OR mode
Recognized by fire during the simultaneous operation of the sensor 1 circuit
 * Stop siren
 * Stop output
 External materials STEEL
 Weight About 30kg
 Extinguishing agents CO2
 CO2 Storage capacity About 6.8kg
 Operating Temperature -10 ~ 40 ℃
 Input Power AC 220V, 60Hz
 Redundant power Ni-Cd Battery
 DC 24V, 1,300mA
Auto mode
Automatically in case of fire extinguishing agents of the cylinder emissions
Manual mode
Extinguishing agents manually press the button emissions
 Solenoid DC 24V, 1.5V
 RELAY 250V, 5A
 Alarm Siren
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