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Cabinet Type Fire Extinguishing Systems


RS-AES-45  is a Cabinet-Type Auto Fire Extinguisher which can promptly extinguish a fire on an early stage.

Installed in a wide variety of industries such as semiconductors and LCD manufacturing plant.

Consists of a control panel, extinguishing valve, cylinder, solenoid valve and outlet.

Compatible with various fire detectors such as flame, smoke, and heat detector. 

• CO2 fire extinguisher without residue 
• No damage to equipment   
• Selectable Circuit AND / OR 
• Selectable Operation Auto / Manual
• Controller Recovery System
• Self-Diagnosis
• Functions Alarm / Siren / Stop
• Record and browse events
• Check Operation / Fault
• Detect a Extinguishing Agent Weight / Alarm
• Set a spare power to prevent the main power  blackout
• Selectable emitting delay time (per 1 second)
• Set Password
• Check and set temperature in real-time
 Dimensions (W x D x H)[mm]System Control
 550 x 455 x 1900 Setting the Time Year,Month,Date,Hour,Minute
 Coating Off-white powder coating Circuit input time 2sec
 External materials STEEL System recognition time 1sec
 Weight 150kg Release time 0 to 30 sec
 Extinguishing agentsC O2 Auto Inspection Date(*1) 0 to 30 day
 CO2 Storage capacity 45kg Network Address Baud Rate
 Operating Temperature -10 ~ 40 ℃ Event Alarm 256 kinds
 Input Power AC 220V, 60Hz ↔System Operation ↔Detectors, and system test
 Redundant power Ni-Cd Battery
 DC 24V, 1,300mA
AND mode
Recognized by fire during the simultaneous operation of the sensor 2 circuit
OR mode
Recognized by fire during the simultaneous operation of the sensor 1 circuit

Auto mode
Automatically in case of fire extinguishing agents of the cylinder emissions
Manual mode
Extinguishing agents manually press the button emissions
Detector operation test(*2)
*Test once a month on a specific date, work is possible
Detector manual test(*3)
* System circuit test
* Detector test
* Abnormalities of the auxiliary power test

  * Stop siren and voice broadcasting
  * Stop solenoid

 Solenoid DC 24V, 1.5V
 RELAY 250V, 5A
 Alarm Voice of fire,
Voice of checking, Siren
 * 1, 2 Auto Inspection Date: Date can be set if the BIT function of our detector linkage and use
 * 3 Detector Test : BIT function of our detector sensor test using the work function can be used 
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