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Specialized Flame Detector

Multi Flame Detector | RMD-5T

RMD-5T is a complex detector that can detect five elements of fire such as flame, temperature, humidity, smoke and human bodies to prevent a fire on early.


(1) The High Sensitivity of Smoke Detector

Fast Response ability embodies Early Fire Detection system. This Complex Detector will generate 3 different stages of Alarming such as, 1stage(Alarming), 2stage(Danger), 3stage(Fire) and sensitivity arrangement is avaliable according to the environmental specification.

(2) The high sensitivity UV/IR Flame Detection

UV/IR Sensors will detect the variety kinds of flame radiation generated from variety kind of fire sources and it can distinguish real fire from False Alarming sources. Flame detector also generates 3 stages of Alarming signals.

(3) Early Alarming Function

Generally, the incendiary fire was growing 2 times faster. the Early Detection signals provided from this Detector will make the early response, and this will minimize the astronomical lose.

It cannot emphasize much that the Early fire alarming, the Early response and fire fighting are important. this complex detector will provide staged early alarming system.


[  General  ] 

• Detection Type : Temperature and Humidity

                         Smoke, Flame (UV/IR), Motion

• Operation Display : 3 color LED

• Enclosure : PC (ALUMINUM)

• Input Voltage : AC100 ~ 240V

[  Operation  ]

• Temperature : Range : 50 ~ 80℃

                      Variation : ±2℃

• Smoke : Range : 5 ~ 20%

              Variation : ±2%

              LEVEL   : 3 Stage

• Flame : Sensor : UV, IR

LEVEL   : 3 Stage

• Motion : Range : 10M(Max)

[  Environmental Operation Range  ]

• Temperature : -10 ~ 60℃

• Humidity : 10 ~ 90%


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