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Usage of Test Lamp - TL205




• Cover range : Average 7M
• Applied detector : UV/IR flame detector (Contact Rezontech, for details.)
• Continuous operation time : Average 3hours
• Weight : about 3.2KG
• Dimension : 145mm X 250mm
• Enclosure : Aluminium(Anodizing Process)
• Charging method
1. Connect charging terminal in body to charger 
2. Connect AC 220V plug of a charger to a receptacle.
3. In complete discharge, max. 17 hours charging is needed. 
    ※ Charge enough after using.(min. 5 hours)

[How to use]
1. Turn the test lamp toward a flame detector.
2. Press operation switch('ON')
    ※ Blinks repeatedly after 30 seconds, 30 seconds is not flashing 
3. Direct the brightest part of light toward detecting part.
4. wait for flame detector operation.
    ※ Typycally, a flame detector LED is turned on continously after blinking when they are detecting.
5. If a flame detector does not work properly, repeat above 1-4 process with closer access to a flame detector. 
6. Press operation switch('OFF')
    ※ Cover range and test time depend on makers of detectors. Usually 5 sec. waiting time within 7M.
7. Charge after using.

[Factors that affect the distance used]
• Maker of flame detector & window contamination
• Power charging status of test lamp in use.
• For usage from far distance, turn the test lamp toward the center of a detector. 
• Cleanness of front window of test lamp(Keep it clean all the time)

• Do not look at directly light from lamps 
• Do not use chargers except for those which Rezontech offers.
• Do not use with charger connected to.


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