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Flame detector maintenance


FD damage caused by electrical surge
It is highly expected that the cause of damaged products is known to be the source of direct Surge. To prevent such damage in the future, please be precautious and alert the technician to be careful of its installation environment. It is highly recommended that FD installation should NOT be performed prior to the completion of construction to avoid surge. The surge or spark damage can often arise in welding process.

Cable Gland
All cable/conduit entries must be sealed with an appropriate and certified sealing plug and cable gland. Failure to do this will jeopardize the explosion proofness of the IPES cable entries and prevention of moisture ingress.


Limited Liability
It is crucial to follow the guidelines provided by manufacturer for proper maintenance management.
Certain overriding procedures may cause problems with the detector’s functionality and may void its warranty.
For any service requirements with products, please contact manufacturer first for consultation before working on the device.

Maintenance Resources
Properly trained personnel with right tool is the basic maintenance requirements. He/she should also be well aware of relevant rules and regulations in the region.

Maintenance Procedure
Detectors should be kept clean as possible and sensor windows should be cleaned periodically. The cleaning frequency to be determined depends on the installation location and environmental condition. The cleaning frequency can be recommended by fire safety professionals.

1. The device must be turned off before its maintenance.
2. Sensor window(s) can be cleaned with damp clothes without chemicals. Use of any solvents is prohibited
3. For dust and dirt build on the sensor window, use soft brush and followed by wiping with optical cleaning clothes.

Periodic Maintenance
In addition to cleaning and preventive maintenance, the devices' functionality to be checked every six months. The detector should, except cleaning and maintenance for prevention. The sensors are open while this test in progress.

Log Management
Maintenance history to be recorded and kept in facility ledger. The model number, installation date, supplier and all maintenance history to be maintained. We encourage our customer to include all maintenance record when the units are sent back for service.


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