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Flame Detector Installation


a. The nominal distance(range) and angle follows substance of an form approvals.
b. The installation of sensor based on the nominal distance and nominal angle to include whole space of sensing area.
c. The sensor is installed on right corner of wall to sensing availability.
d. In case of installing sensor under ceiling, its face toward floor.
e. If there is an worry about humidity, then install the type of sensor, waterproof.
f. Any other installation standard follows in the proper way of manufacturer.

Please refer to treatment manual or user manual about relevant facts at the bottom of this page. It needs our technical examine about application of other specifics.

a. About Spec. by models.
   - External by models, special feature, function, instruments, electrical spec., function of switch, indication of terminal,
     output signal, etc.
b. About installation and wire coupling.
   - wire coupling with peripherals, encourage standard of wire, connection of swivel mount, etc.
c. About parts and test.
   - Power supplier, all sorts of test lamps, the test of equipment(tester using flame) etc.

※ In the case of Korea is limited to content that may be different from international standards.


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